Space Angel – A Fractal Print by iggymak

Posted: January 23rd, 2012 in Art, merch
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Space Angel print
Space Angel by iggymak
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Oh, dear, here he goes again…

One of two I made the other day. Finally got around to posting at the store today.

I keep doing that lately, not finishing things. It’s troubling. Probably a side effect of the decades long depression.

One issue is naming the things. Stared at this one a long time. I think it looks something like a winged entity. In general.

As angels have a bit wider market than winged entities, I chose that. Not at all sure it was a good idea.

Space mainly because it looks extra sporty on black, which, being a spacey sort, is my default canvas color when creating all these lovely non-sellers.

And describing them… well… that’s another thing.

Might very well change the name if someone comes up with something good, but it’s growing on me. And if I can move myself to do it. We’ll see how ‘angel’ flies.



  1. Tom Cosgrove says:

    Cool. As soon as I get a home, I’d like that prominently displayed. Reminds me of Peter Watts’ Starfish novels… What? never read him? He’s posted all his stuff on his webpage for downloading. Great absorbing stuff for Connecticut winter nights. Anyway… back to being Sin Hogar. My new “nom de net” Hope all is well!!.

    • iggymak says:

      Oh, Tom, thanks, man. I so hope you get sorted to your liking and quick… you’re always in my thoughts. You guessed right, never read Peter Watts, I will have to check him out! Things here are… um, odd and mostly banal with a few scattered moments of high strangeness… like war, I guess. Peace and love my friend.

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