Posted: January 23rd, 2012 in Forteana


This guy…

Is heart wrenching to hear.  How many of you could this be, if you lost your job next week?  How many of you are just 1 paycheck away from being homeless or destitute?  Often people think that Unemployment Benefits are a safety net, but this is not always true.  For example, commission only jobs do not have this safety net.

Just take a few moment to consider yourself in this mans shoes.  And then remember that feeling when you are dealing with someone who is having a hard time.

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  1. iggymak says:

    I could be in this guy’s shoes quite quickly. And that frightens me. As such, I found Bigfatfurrytexan’s post quite appropriate for the times we find ourselves living in. I felt a strong need come over me to reblog it here for you all.

    Please visit Bigfatfurrytexan to read the whole post. Thanks.

    This is the description at YouTube uploader…

    Uploaded by invisiblepeopletv on Dec 18, 2011

    Nearly three years ago I took a big risk and drove up to Sacramento to help empower our homeless friends after watching the circus created by Oprah. At the time, I was nineteen months unemployed. just started, and driving around with a camera seemed like a dumb idea. But I took the last little bit of money I had and headed north.

    Also around three years ago, homeless activists in Sacramento started a campaign to acquire “safe ground” for campers to call home. It’s been a battle, but our friends at Safe Ground [!/SafeGroundSac] have won a few court cases and they continue to fight for homeless people in Sacramento.

    Today I visited Safe Ground and was walking around meeting new friends. Over the hill a man was watching us. Robert walked down the hill and asked to be interviewed. I am so honored he did.

    Please watch and listen to Robert’s story. It’s very powerful, and shows the pain and frustration these gorgeous people have to face every day.

    “I’m not out here because this is my lifestyle, I don’t have anywhere else to go.” ~ Robert

    Special thanks to Safe Ground

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