Posted: January 21st, 2012 in stupidity

Well, I am really depressed now.

Feel stupid, even.

I just now learned that had indeed added the ability to do a blackout here on the 18th.

They had put it in Settings.

I never look at Settings, as they are, well, set.


I am really very sad that I had not seen that option as this, in my mind, at least, is my main site.

I’d done it to all my other sites… and one I run for friends. Sigh. Very sad.

I wonder if that’s why I have lost 151 subscribers.

: (

  1. When is Congress voting on this Iggy? Is it now likely to be voted down?

    • iggymak says:

      Hey, Anthony, how are ya?

      They were going to do it on Tuesday the 24th, but that has been postponed and the bill(s) “shelved.” For the time being. So, we “won.”

      Which is great, of course, but I am quite sure they’ll be back in due course. The entertainment industry is a particularly ruthless one.

      These two in fact were their third try…


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