Stop Web Censorship! We MUST!

Posted: January 18th, 2012 in criminals, government, new world order, TPTB, United States
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What is web censorship flyer

This is from SOPA Countdown. Please visit Public Knowledge to add your voice. Stop SOPA. Stop PIPA.

Google has a petition linked from their search page, plus there are many more. Please help.

Not In The US? Petition The State Department!

Learn More:

Watch the video · American Censorship page · View the Infographic
Read SOPA on OpenCongress · Read PIPA on OpenCongress

The three most definitive articles on SOPA and PIPA: Free Speech, Problems, Security


I wish this site could be on strike,
but does not afford access to allow it.

Sad about that.

  1. iggymak says:

    I just now learned that had indeed added the ability to do a blackout here on the 18th. I am really very sad that I had not seen that option as this, in my mind, at least, is my main site. I’d done it to all my other sites… Sigh. Very sad.

  2. iggymak says:

    I wonder if that’s why I have lost 151 subscribers. : (

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