Define Necessity.

Posted: December 10th, 2011 in human behavior, philosophy, religion, stupidity
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Define Necessity.

It is my feeling that this composite photograph perfectly illustrates exactly what is wrong with the United States. Very likely other places, too, but I cannot say that with certainty, for I live here… and for here… that thought is what comes to my mind.

On the left, we see the result of political and corporate greed, as well as the result of our foreign “aid” programs. We see human beings. Human beings with the look of hunger, the look of desperation, hopelessness and despair.

On the right, we also see the result of political and corporate greed. Just at the opposite end of greed’s spectrum. We see zombies. We see debt slaves. We see utter fools. The look of desperation is there, too, desperation of a different sort.

Look at them. Clamoring about like gerbils on crack, spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on cheap Chinese crap that will be thrown away as useless detritus within the year when it falls apart. Awful.

No thoughts roiling around in their vacuous ether of giving some of their wealth to the people on the left. No. Oh, maybe a very few will if they get some plea in the mail, (none of which would likely end up in the left side’s bellies anyway); but that episode will be quickly forgotten.

They’ve been trained, you see, trained all their lives, to be consumers, passive yet eager to please slaves, trained to live their lives toiling for the sole purpose of enriching the producers of their desired objects. It’s like a religion. So perhaps it is not entirely their fault, but at the same time, perhaps it is their fault that they have so little compassion for anything outside of their little pleasure bubble. It is a tragedy. And so it goes as well for the entirety of the socioeconomic system created to support it.


This, I posit, is what is wrong.

  1. I agree completely. This image is heartbreaking. I am trying to raise my kids to be loving, not greedy and petty, but it sure is hard to fight the social norms of America.

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