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Just a quick one… (although I do need to write a long one to fill up the space at the bottom)

I thought this was rather fascinating. Animals are so much more substantial than your average person gives them credit for.

As you will see below, even the much-derided rat seems to have a high level of development. Fully equal to our own. And… as our source Leah notes below, the results of this study lead to some very interesting and definitely disappointing thoughts regarding our own pitiful human condition.

Don’t they, now.

My, my, my…


Rat Empathy

In 1959, psychologist Russell Church conducted a study on the empathy of rats.

In the study, he trained the rats to push a lever to receive their food. Then, in a twisted change, he fixed the lever to a a floor in the neighboring cage. Every time the rat would push the lever, the rat in the other cage would get an electric shock. Rats that had previously experienced shocks were very empathetic to the rat in the other cage.

Instead of selfishly pushing the lever and receiving its food at the expense of the other rat, the rat would quit pushing the lever and eventually starve to death rather than eat off of another rat’s suffering.

I sometimes am left with the distinct feeling that other species make more moral decisions than humanity.

Source: google.com

by: Leah Steece


via Ozzy bin Oswald.


  1. Tom Cosgrove says:

    Yes, Church did some interesting research (if a tad cruel). Hey, check out Stanley Milgram’s research… mindblowing!!

    • iggymak says:

      Can’t believe I’m just replying now… my time line seems to be skewing rather disturbingly of late… Well, this seems a tad cruel, but I’m diggin’ the result! Stanley Milgram, eh? Okay, will do, Tom… hope all is well!

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