Critters!? Or, Does The ISS Need Flyswatters?

Posted: October 26th, 2011 in exobiology, NASA, the unexplained
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Okay, now… this caught my eye in a slightly off-topic post in an ATS thread on alleged Apollo photo manipulation started by the uploader of the first video in this thread. I won’t go into the details of that thread, I’ll just say I didn’t find it at all compelling… for a few reasons. I’d seen some of his threads before and, some are interesting, but information is usually withheld, so, caveat emptor, eh?

This video however is quite straightforward. I will freely admit to my romantic half’s desire to find “something” having an effect with it, but, still, it is quite intriguing in my view.

I have been getting more and more careful as I age. Eww, I said the a-word. Ha! I’ve been hoodwinked before and there are quite a few threads on my blogs I wish I’d been more careful with and never posted. There have been changes, let’s put it that way… and all for the better.

So, anyway… this vid is ‘on the edge,’ as it were. Its original source is good, obviously, but it’s in very low res, on the H.264 codec and being played by Flash, so like anything you see on YouTube it’s not, shall we say, ideal for research.

But it’s pretty darn cool… one does not expect to see little things seemingly flying around in the ISS.

To the guys credit he does put up (in the description) the possibility that they are just four bits of paper or something blowing around in the A/C, but, even at this res… I too am not so sure.

Especially of the other two… that appear to be… crawling.

Those two are mainly why this is here, despite the awful resolution.

Here you go…

Uploaded by  on Jun 11, 2011

Hi there!

Perhaps my eyes are playing tricks on me but I really thought to have seen spacecritters flying and crawling around INSIDE the ISS! Do we have alien lifeforms / critters visiting the ISS?

Why don’t you take a peek and convince yourselves. As soon as the astronaut has disappeared the show starts.

The first flying critter appears 45 seconds into the video (on top of the instrument panel), the second one shows up at 1.39 (center right), the third critter we see in the upper right corner at 3.50 and the fourth one at 4.00 in the lower right corner. You should also check for some slight movements on the instrumentpanel. This looks like a couple crawling critters. (Or is it a reflection of light?)

In order to exclude or eliminate NASA’s biological experiments aboard the ISS, I checked whether NASA (recently) had been performing any experiments involving butterflies or bugs. There have not been such experiments!

So what is it we see?

As some people claim: small pieces of paper flying around, lifted and transported through the air by the airflow coming from the ventilation system.

Really? These “things” come from several directions and they do not look like pieces of paper to me.

Looking at the way they move, you could compare it with how single cell organisms swim inside a fluid. Are we seeing something we were not supposed to?



This next vid was posted on YT as a response to the one above and focuses on the crawly fellas. It’s zoomed in a tad which is good for the purpose.

Uploaded by  on Jun 13, 2011

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Otherwise their playing tricks on me too.

Not just spacecritters flying around INSIDE the ISS, but also MORPHING shadows!

The show start before the astronaut disappear …

At least two morphing shadows, black critters and some unexplanable “metallic” reflexes… what do you think they are??

I’ve no idea… there is only speculation and conjecture. I would love to know. I can only enjoy the show and wonder if we will ever know. I wonder, too, if there is any other footage showing these anomalies. I bet there is. Can we, while I’m doing all this wondering, get the full res originals?


  1. Kandinsky says:

    Hiya Iggy, you’re right about ‘withholding information.’ The guy has been evasive since day one by not acknowledging reasonable explanations and misidentifying (or not identifying) image sources. Often, he walks a very fine line between flat-out lie and carefully-phrased ambiguous answers. I don’t know if he’s trolling the internet or genuinely believes local space is a hive of plasma life-forms and spaceships bigger than the Moon.

    I prefer to think that he’s just enthusiastic and could use his ‘very expensive, not available to public’ software to see if he can find signs of civilisation in his logic.

    • iggymak says:

      Hi Kandinsky, how are ya!? Great, I hope!

      My feelings mirror yours in toto, including the part about preferring to think he’s enthusiastic, but as you note there are indeed quite a few red flags floating around him that are at least partly raised which sadly put a bit of a taint on his stuff. I’ve only seen a few of his works, mostly just what’s been on ATS. I did subscribe to his YT yesterday, just for kicks.

      As far as his mystery software goes, speaking personally as a geek and a graphics guy; and from what I see before me, I think that’s a crock. I’m not seeing anything I can really call ‘special.’ As a poster pointed out in the intimated thread, there is no info available regarding such a thing. So, consequently, that being something a company would brag about, I reached my conclusion.

      I don’t know, as I said in the op, about the nature of what we’re seeing in this video. I think it’s cool.

      Don’t hate me, but I am actually a proponent of plasma life. This is based mostly on rather positive-sounding findings made back when plasma science was new. You can search WATT for plasma and see a couple of references. They could well exist. I should also say that I do not think that’s what we are seeing here, either the fliers or the crawlers. I’m thinking much more standard fellas, if fellas they be.

      But whatever it is we are seeing, I’m intrigued.

      Peace to you, my friend.

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