Respect Existence Or Expect Resistance

Respect Existence Or Expect Resistance.

I think that about covers it. Catchy, too.

I like it.

Don’t really think the people responsible for the world’s woes; (and they, like us, are legion); have either the mental, moral or spiritual capacity to heed what this sign suggests, sadly enough. Psychopaths rarely do, eh what?!

Ah well, it is all going to come crashing down sometime reasonably soon, just as it is planned to. It is at the point just after they offer the pre-planned “solution” to our then current woes that we can tell them to place same in a location not subject to illumination.


  1. Having participated in the “Occupy Richmond” attempt, it was clean, organized, quiet, respectful.
    Until the police moved in at 1:00 A.M. and removed a peaceful assembly. Just hours after the Mayor of RVA promised “some weeks more” of dialog.

    • iggymak says:

      Tom, that sounds sadly typical. Glad you got to participate! You know, there is something really seriously wrong with the police these days… and not just your lot, I mean everywhere. They are really going to f things up when the time comes. Really. Bunch of mindless, bullying thugs that need to be taught a serious lesson in manners and in just who the hell they think they are. Ooh, you seem to have got me going! Peace my friend! Sorry for the month long delay… things are… well… you know.

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