There is so much blood on Israel’s hands… so much. Including Americans. They are not only apartheid in the extreme, their genocidal skills improve every day. What they are subjecting the Palestinians to is nothing short of a re-enactment of their precious Holocaust™.

Boycott. Divest. Sanction.

Remove the Zionists. These orthodox rabbis agree wholeheartedly with this position.

For the sake of humanity.

This is an example barcode from an Israeli-made product. It starts with 7 29.

The new Mark of the Beast. Don’t buy it.

Israel's barcode ID, so you can boycott them.

Don’t perpetrate their crimes….
Africa to Gaza Aid Convoy
— with Ansata Ibn Halima, Swaleh Daf and Abdulrahman El-darrat.


  1. Anthony says:

    Iggy, I’ve always had my doubts about boycotts and sanctions. They end up hurting innocent people who don’t necessarily have anything to do with the policies of their governments. And these sort of countries always seem to find a way around the boycotts, so that they dump their products in other markets. In any case the ‘big boys’ never lose.
    The Israelis like the South Africans have a ‘laager’ mentality. Even if the whole world is against them, they just dig their heels in. To them it would be proof that the whole world is out to extinguish them. But hey, God is on their side.
    The intention of this is good, but I’m not sure what its effect will be.

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