“Welcome to North Korea,” A Film by Peter Tetteroo and Raymond Feddema

Posted: October 4th, 2011 in criminals, human behavior, North Korea, secrecy, secret societies
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I have, since January, been both outraged and fascinated by the decades of horror going on unabated in Kim Il Sung’s Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) or North Korea. Yes, I know he’s dead. He’s still the president, though, even so. Strange? Very.

There is simply no comparing this place with any other on this Earth. There are no personal rights, no human rights. None. You would be amazed at what innocent actions would (will!) result in your death (if caught)… either immediately, or, more likely, years after you are sent to spend the rest of your life toiling in a concentration camp, the likes of which would make an SS officer hurl.

I plan on doing quite a few threads on the situation in North Korea. Even George Bush, Jr. got it right for once when he called the place a rogue state and part of the “Axis of Evil.” Believe me, it simply does not get any more evil than “Dear Leader” Kim Jong Il’s freakish aberration of human existence inflicted upon generations of forgotten people.

I did a thread a while ago called North Korean Reality: Repulsive! Children of the Secret State, but the need seems even more palpable now, as all the world’s governments know full well what’s happening, but do absolutely nothing about it… with the exception of aiding and abetting the madness.

I’ll restart this project off mildly with a showing of this excellent documentary based mostly on what foreigners are allowed to see in a week’s stay in the eerily creepy capital of Pyongyang… with some extra insight mixed in.

Uploaded by on May 27, 2007

The winner of the 2001 International Emmy award for Best Documentary, Welcome to North Korea is a grotesquely surreal look at the all-too-real conditions in modern-day North Korea. Dutch filmmaker Peter Tetteroo and his associate Raymond Feddema spent a week in and around the North Korean capital of Pyongyang — ample time to produce this outstanding film.

Creative Commons license: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs; from http://www.archive.org


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