Mauro Samuel plays Eric Johnson’s “Cliffs of Dover” – Fender Mustang II Amplification

Posted: September 18th, 2011 in Art, good cheer, music
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Sweet! Mauro does it again with a wonderful rendition of Cliffs of Dover and doesn’t fail to add a bit of his guitarrista self to the mix. From Camboinhas, Niterói, Brazil to your screen…

Mauro’s comments…

Uploaded by  on Sep 16, 2011

This week I went into a music store to buy a string set and I saw the new Fender Mustang II amplifier exposed. I was curious about how it sounds and I gave it a try. I was impressed how easy I could get some nice tones just twisting the presets. I found some beautiful Fender Twin clean tones and also some nice driven tones.

It’s an impressive light weight amplifier considering it got a 12″ speaker.
I think it could be used to gig in some small places with a drummer without any problem.
It also got a master vol that allows you to get the same tone at low levels, no need to remix the gain and volume! (that’s a real pain…. you know it!)

Of course it’s not made to be compared with a high quality tube amplifier!

I also own an Orange amp and a 4×12 Marshall cabinet but it’s not a practice kit and can not give me the clean tones I need ( Fender Tones At a Low Level! ) with all the delays, chorus, flanger, fuzz, all of it in traveling pac!

I went home impressed and after some research I discovered that this amp was capable for home recording acting as an audio interface using Fender Fuse software, a software similar to Amplitube Fender that enables you to deep edit the amp settings and record direct using the usb port.


The next day I was back to buy the amp. I recorded this song using a factory preset made to emulate Eric Johnson’s “Cliffs Of Dover.”
I hope you like!
I could say for sure that this amp deserves at least try as a practice amplifier.

Sorry for any mistake with my english and my playing… I’m a eternal
student! God bless you all and thanks for the visit!



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