Time for a humorous intermission, don’tcha think?

Ah, the wonderful Turbo Encabulator. This is an actual training video from the Chrysler Corporation that was shown to technicians in classes back in the day.

I am sure that I posted this on here before or maybe at High Strangeness way back when, but whatever…

The concept was originally written by Bud Haggert in the 1970s. He was then the top voice-over talent on technical films and is the first person you see here. The original was filmed after the completion of another, unrelated shoot that he had worked on. I’ll post that version if there is any interest, here’s a link to it, it’s basically the first half of this but with just a transmission poster as a prop. Chrysler has subsequently made other versions with Bud, which are sadly not nearly as good as this one. There are also a bunch of variations on this theme which you can see by watching it at YouTube.

Personally, as a former master automotive technician for Volkswagen and Alfa Romeo, I find this to be simply hilarious.



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