Due to new and debilitating circumstances which will prevail for a while, my escalating despondency precludes writing much of anything, but I’m dealing with it. Today wasn’t so bad after all. It’s just so hard. If you only knew. I do surely want to post stuff, as WATT is one of the few things I’ve got to hold on to. So in light of that, here is something for you to enjoy in the interim that I find rather exciting. As usual, Luna has compiled some truly fascinating material:

Uploaded by  on Mar 11, 2011

This presentation is a simple compilation of some more anomalous photographs and 16mm DAC film footage that I have archived during my years of research and investigation looking into the activities of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

The images and footage shown here were taken during the Apollo program, filmed by the astronaut flight crews during their journeys to and from the Moon.
Most of what I show here involves “lunar transients” – unidentified objects in space that were captured on film as they transited in front of (or passed near) a celestrial body such as the Moon or Earth. I believe many of these objects are not on the lunar surface, but rather were above the lunar surface when captured on film.

I also include several examples of NASA image obfuscation as well, just to help highlight the fact that the space agency also removes anomalous objects from frame in order to “sanitize” scenes prior to official archive release so as to ensure they do not reveal too much of the truth about what is really up there.

Hope you enjoy!

Here is a link to an ongoing forum discussion regarding some of what is shown in this video.
http://magic-ufo.forum-phpbb.in/t1122-nasa-s-anomalies-above-the-moon-ufos-ca… (Ed. Note: Defunct.)

Here are a few links to the last set of images I show, dealing with the detection of cropping obfuscation being employed to sanitize the scenes
NASA “Gateway” archive link to frame#AS11-36-5319 – shows object off the Earth’s limb.

NASA “LPI” archive version of #AS11-36-5319 that does not show the object (residue of the cropping is detectable under enhancement)

Cropping proof – second last image shown (AS16-118-18873).

Cropping proof – Last image shown (AS13-60-8588).

My favorite bit in that collection are the two objects shown landing (as opposed to crashing) between 1:10 and 1:30. I note with excitement that they both land in the very same crater / depression. And that, my friends is why I refer to them as landing. Additionally, they are way too slow to be meteoritic objects impinging on the lunar surface. Absolutely my favorite scene. To date, anyway.

I like, a lot, the rectangular thingie that starts at 3:58, too, as I’ve always had a soft spot for rectangular UFOs; I mean, it’s just so aerodynamically wrong… and also the “pole” that follows. Nice.

And now for part 2:

Uploaded by  on Mar 28, 2011

Hello everyone. Since I received such a positive reaction to my last video –http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FI_ZFYCIR0 – (Ed. Note: Shown above.) – I decided to continue the compilation theme here with this new production, highlighting a few more Apollo image anomalies that I have cataloged over my years of researching this incredible subject matter.
Hope you enjoy!

REGARDING FRAME 20680 – the “PYRAMID” frame from Apollo 17 (the very last image I show in this presentation) –
here below is a link where you can read my direct rebuttal to the skeptic claims that the “Pyramid” frame from Apollo 17 (20680) is actually just showing a part of the LRV during EVA2 @ Nansen. That debunker claim is entirely inaccurate, and the fully verifiable evidence I provide you at this link PROVES that you have been grossly and deliberately misled by NASA and the ALSJ online archive website as to the true “where and when” that frame 20680 was actually exposed.

EDIT – Sorry gang, the entire MagicUFOForum where this evidence was posted has for some reason that I am unaware of been removed from the web entirely, without even the Google cache links working any longer. All the evidence I and others had posted to that forum over the past year and a half (including the evidence regarding this Pyramid frame) has been removed from the Web entirely!

I will post a new link to that evidence as soon as I find a new forum or blog where I can re-post it to. I just want you to be aware I am trying to hide any evidence here by deliberately sending you to a dead link, and in the meantime anyone who wants a copy of my rebuttal can feel free to email me at lunacognita@gmail.com and I will be happy to send it to you directly that way.

After you understand the facts and see with your own eyes the provable, verifiable cataloging games NASA played with that Pyramid frame in order to bury it in the archives for decades, it might make you wonder why a site like the MagicUFOForum, where this kind of evidence and explanation was originally posted, no longer exists to be viewed by anyone. Sometimes telling the truth can have consequences!

Cheers everyone, and I apologize again that the link to that evidence I posted on the MagicUFOforum is now dead.


Ah… great! At 2:23 we have my little moon buddy, the seriously mysterious “thing on the boulder” … another fave… and the sky enhancements at 6:43 and again at 7:09 just blow me away.

The Apollo crew members have stated officially that the comment about “visitors” was in reference to some shenanigans played on them by the technical folks back home involving placing some annoying reminders (in the form of patches) of plans that went awry for them in every nook and cranny, which is okay with me and I can even believe it, but, I still get the feeling, deep down inside, even though I know all that and they themselves said it, that, well, you know… I believe my memory has recalled that story right as an overview.

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I have. Major props to Luna for work well above and way beyond the call of duty.


  1. Cary Martynuik says:

    Hi again Iggymak,
    Thanks for the kind words and support my friend! Glad you enjoyed those two videos!

    Just to expand on what you mentioned about the two 16mm DAC clips I show from the Apollo 11 mission – where we see a pair of objects descending to the lunar surface and vanishing into a crater – I think it is worth noting that at the time that footage was shot, the Apollo 11 LM ascent stage (and the camera was that filming this scene) had already finished their initial ascent burn back to lunar orbit, and the spacecraft was currently at an altitude of over nine kilometers above the lunar surface.

    Also, we have to keep in mind that due to the spacecraft orientation and direction of travel at the time coupled with the way the 16mm DAC camera was mounted in the LM window, both those scenes are showing us a high-oblique view of the lurain looking behind the spacecraft’s direction of travel, almost opposite the velocity vector. This means that we know at the time those two objects are seen vanishing into that crater, the slant range distance between the LM and that crater is well over 10 kilometers in the first clip, and even more than that in the second.

    So, when you look at those two objects vanishing into that crater, keep in mind that whatever those objects are, they are not tiny little specks of debris. We know from the high-oblique view angle that these things are well over 10 KILOMETERS away from the camera at the time they were caught on film vanishing into that crater. Whatever they are, those objects appear to be of significant size!

    Cheers everyone!

  2. iggymak says:

    Hi Luna,
    Hey, my pleasure, always, my friend…

    Enjoy them I did!

    And thank you so much for posting your very informative comment. I’m always amazed and impressed with your shockingly deep knowledge of all aspects of these missions.

    I think it’s important for viewers to understand the perspective, the distance and the exciting result we get in regards to the size of these things. Had you not contributed, we simply wouldn’t have known.

    They look pretty small on film, but knowing that they are 6 or more miles away, well, then, that does up the ante a bit, eh?! Just too awesome for words.

    I remember watching your ascent film (linked in the OP, dear readers) and finally noticing these two objects at the end … a true WTH moment that was! Rewinding repeatedly… seeing they’re both going to the same spot… the imagination went bonkers after that I assure you!

    I’ll leave it to the readers to imagine what I imagined and to do some of their own.

    Oh man… they simply cannot be debris, as you note, and they cannot be meteors, either, although I’m sure Oberg would have some wackily droll theory. Would be interested in Phage’s opinion, though (I do like Phage, you know.) but they don’t visit here. WATT hits are trending up, but it’s still, um, rather obscure.

    Thanks again, and

    Peace to you!

  3. Exuberant1 says:

    Hey Fellas,

    I’m glad your back in action Ig. This is one of the blogs I enjoy frequenting.

    And hey Luna, I like the latest video of yours. I see you used one of my ufos (as11-43-6370) which I’m glad of. I hate to find something and then have it sit around on some forum post for years or worse: the forum owner deletes it entirely. Not to mention the fact that if you – with your experience and skills -find it to be a legit UFO, then the odds are it is.

    Alot of people have been wondering about what happened with the magic ufo forum. Just when I started putting my material there the owner decided to destroy the place.

    Could you fill us in on what you can about that? The whole thing is strange and frankly it kind of angered me seeing all of that amazing material disappear. The place had started to become a real resource for genuine anomalies and then the owner trashed it.


    • iggymak says:

      Hey, thanks Exuberant1! I am sort of back depending on the immediately prevailing localized cosmic background weirdness level – and I am very glad to hear that you like it here.

      I seem to have entirely missed out on even the existence of the magic ufo forum… strange. Ah, well.


    • Cary Martynuik says:

      Hi Exhuberant1, good to chat with you again my friend!

      Man, I wish I had more information about what happened to the MagicUFOForum for you, because I too was pretty devastated when the site was so unceremoniously removed from the web. As you were aware, it was the only forum that I ever bothered contributing to over the past couple years, and it had become a fantastic resource of evidence. In my opinion, it was turning into a site with the best collection of evidence and reasonable discussion about this amazing subject matter anywhere on the web, and all the mountains of evidence and articles I and others (like yourself) had written and presented there have now vanished from the web entirely. What a waste!!

      I know the debunkers are damn glad to see the MagicUFOForum closed, because there really was some fantastic hard evidence and intelligent discussion we were all posting there. It is definitely a bizarre situation, and in retrospect I guess it was pretty stupid of me to put my trust in a website that I personally had no control over, because we all saw what happened! Two years of hard evidence vanished from the web in the blink of an eye when it closed, and of course, it is not like the forum was just closed to new posts or anything, but all the evidence actually was deleted to remove it from the web and Google search rankings and cache entirely!

      Of course, I still have copies of every single article and evidence presentation that I ever posted up there, so it is now a question of finding a place where I can post all that evidence up again so the public can still access it and view it for themselves. However, I have no interest in going through all that effort to post it all up online again somewhere else unless I am convinced this kind of crap will not happen again.

      I obviously learned a valuable lesson about trusting others with this kind of controversial subject matter, and I guess I should probably just set up a blog or something somewhere myself so that I have full control over all the evidence I present in the future. It is all so frustrating and pathetic that we have to deal with crap like this, but after all, we are focusing on revealing the evidence behind what is the most monumental coverup in recorded human history here, so I guess I have no one to blame but myself for getting suckered over the past couple years and wasting all that effort on posting to the MagicUFOForum.

      Cheers my friend,

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