Aelita Andre – The Prodigy of Color

Posted: June 29th, 2011 in Art, heroes
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Aelita AndreJust over a month ago now, I came across a then-new thread on Above Top Secret, (my home away from home and social life stand-in), by LadySkadi which was about a painter of international acclaim. The title indicated that said painter, Aelita Andre, characterized as a prodigy, was just 4 years old. I think that “prodigy,” in this case, may be an understatement. It was to be an awe-inspiring read (and viewing), as the two pictures presented were seriously exceptional and there was a very revealing video up, too. These are reproduced below for your viewing pleasure. The pictures here link to Skadi’s source for the story, the Agora Art Blog. There is a third picture here, too, and more at the blog site, just so you know.

As you can clearly see in these images, the level of talent and creativity flowing out of this little girl’s mind is truly exceptional. I mean WoW! Perhaps this snippet from the Agora blog is appropriate here…

“As you would expect from someone with such an impressive biography, Aelita’s art has a raw power that leaves viewers with a majestic impression of pure talent unearthed. Magnificently unrestrained, she channels a curiosity and vivacity so strong that it can easily be felt through her paintings, almost as if it constitutes a tangible force in the world.”

Aelita Andre’s Butterfly Nebula 4
Butterfly Nebula 4

The little girl’s parents are both professional artists and clearly do quite well considering all the paint Aelita has available. It  certainly is a great advantage to Andre; I remember that while back in school in 2005 or so I used to look at all the tubes of paint at the art store… just wishing I could afford them all. I still do.

It was at the preparations for an art gallery showing that Ms. Andre got her start. Her Mom was participating as one of the artists whose work would be shown. The mother then did what she did…

“Without explaining who Aelita was or about her age, her mother showed some examples of her art to the curator of an exhibition she was herself due to take part in – and he was so impressed that he asked to get in touch with the artist so that he could include the work he had been shown! Once the identity of the artist was explained to him, he remained undaunted – the quality of the work proved that it should be included in the exhibition together with that of talented professional artists, regardless of the age of its creator. Since then Aelita has gained prestige throughout the world, and her paintings are held in collections in Europe, Asia and Australia. Britain’s BBC even congratulated her on her second birthday!”

Ha! This is all just too fabulous. I note with a smile what ATS poster oggleboggle47 of Ohio had said in the thread linked above: “She’s like a miniature Jackson Pollock!” Indeed!

Aelita Andre’s Escape from the Cosmic Zoos
Above: Escape from the Cosmic Zoos. Below: Coral Nebula.

Aelita Andre’s Coral Nebula

The following 13 minute film highlights the abstract child painter at work in her studio. Watch closely and you will note that instead of seeing a little girl wildly throwing paint onto a canvas, she is actually looking at her work and carefully thinking about where to place the squiggles, colors and objects to form the finished piece. Indeed, Aelita works with found objects… her works are in 3D!

Now that’s sweet…

Sigh… Enjoy it. Well, I should close it up and would like to with another snippet from Agora, one that puts it all together in a very nice way.

“Yet despite all her fame and international travel, she continues to maintain a child’s innocent perspective, letting her non-judgmental, hectic perceptions and fantasies spill out into her art in a passionate flurry of color and form. What results has a whimsical sense of freedom and movement, as if anything could happen at any moment – and that, if it did, we would all be ready to jump in and engage with whatever it might be.”

Find out more about Aelita on her website, and purchase her artwork on ARTmine.



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