Vincent Price Museum Re-Opens in East L.A. Happy 100th Birthday, Dr. Phibes!

Posted: June 25th, 2011 in Art, California, heroes
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My friend Skylaire gets to go to the coolest events. Sigh. My late, great movie hero Vincent Price was an ardent lover of art and an avid collector of some of the most brilliant works of his time, donating much of it to his museum at a college in Los Angeles, which has just reopened, and which costs nowt but your time to visit and enjoy… Here’s the start of the article on the re-opening, please click through at the end to read the rest which is equally fine with some great history… click like if you’re a Facebooker… Enjoy…

Vincent Price Museum Re-Opens in East L.A. Happy 100th Birthday, Dr. Phibes!

By Skylaire Alfvegren Thu., Jun. 23 2011 at 10:00 AM
Vincent Price in his art museum.

“Imagine growing up watching the person you love most being bludgeoned, immolated, dunked in boiling wax … or doing those things to other people,” remarked Victoria Price, the willowy daughter of Vincent Price, as an eclectic mix of art patrons and horror buffs recently celebrated the 100th anniversary of her dad’s birth at the Downtown Independent.

Price, who appeared in 105 movies and has three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, is best known for his ghoulish performances. But the St. Louis-born, Yale-educated actor, gourmet cook, “gray-listed” activist and art collector also was, unbeknownst to most Angelenos, responsible for creating the Vincent Price Art Museum, which recently reopened its East Los Angeles College location after an extensive renovation.

The museum, formerly known as …

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Skylaire has published an expanded version of the article that appeared in the newspaper at her SoCal L.O.W.F.I blog… it’s called Dr. Phibes in East LA: How Vincent Price Founded the First Art Museum in the Southland and has more pics and even more juicy wordy goodness… check it out!



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