James Moseley talks about Saucer Smear | Open Minds Radio

Posted: April 26th, 2011 in Forteana, good cheer, heroes, humor, UFO
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James Moseley has been interested in UFOs since the beginning of the modern era of Ufology in 1947 when Kenneth Arnold had his highly publicized sighting. Since then he has been a controversial figure, often focusing on the personalities and conflicts in UFO research. Beginning in 1954 he published a magazine called Saucer News for many years. Currently he sends out a newsletter called Saucer Smear. He says Saucer Smear is a humor and UFO-gossip journal for the “hard core” flying saucer buffs. Moseley will be sharing with us his history and his views on the hot UFO topics over the years.

• Note: The Interview Starts At 29:30.

I love James Moseley! Editor and still Supreme Commander James W. Moseley, J.S., if you please!

The J.S. stands for Journal Subscriber, a reference to his rank in the strange outfit known as MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network; and is also a reference to his attitude towards same. Hehe.

His Saucer Smear is one of the few refreshing diversions in the lunatic asylum that is UFOlogy; it is the world’s Oldest Continuously Published UFO Journal. It never fails to delight. Well, me at least. Some  other folks, however, have taken exception to Moseley’s no-holds-barred style of reporting, notably my friend’s mentor, the late John A. Keel, who once referred to poor James as “a boil on the ass of UFOlogy.” That line is pure Keel – and never fails to crack me up – much like Moseley’s celebrated prose! Ha!

If one is to have any hope of finding success and personal satisfaction in any form of Forteana – especially UFOlogy – one absolutely must have a healthy sense of humor. It is very much a religion to many involved, you see and there are several factions, all equally as silly. None, I assure you, are destined to figure out one damn thing, but it sure is fun to watch them squabble, as it were, and no one covers it better than James!

I hope I get to meet him someday…


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