Ann Druffel – Firestorm: Dr. McDonald’s Fight for UFO Science.

Posted: April 5th, 2011 in disclosure, Forteana, government, military, secrecy, TPTB, UFO
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Ann Druffel expands on her new book, Firestorm, which tells the important story of Dr. James McDonald.

Her book and presentation powerfully demonstrate what researchers have gone through to bring a truth to the public which the public’s elected and appointed officials did not want acknowledged.

Of all the researchers who intersected with the process and prospects of governmental public disclosure, none was more intellectually suited and had collected more scientifically valid data than Dr. James E. McDonald, a prominent scientist and professor with the Institute of Atmospheric Physics and the University of Arizona at Tucson.

He had unprecedented high-level contacts, and during his scientific career introduced numerous groundbreaking projects in meteorology and climatology under ONR contracts and with top scientific organizations.

Between 1958-1971 he worked closely with science-oriented UFO groups nationwide and in several foreign countries. He gave hundreds of talks on UFOs before top scientific organizations, influencing numerous scientists to take the UFO question seriously and in 1968 was instrumental in bringing about one of only two public Congressional hearing, thus far, on the UFO subject.

Ann Druffel Official Website! –

The book Druffel is talking about is not new, it’s from 2004. My attention was directed towards this video today and I think it is important for people to hear these words and digest this story. I think it is rather nice that she only mentions it briefly a few times, devoting her presentation to this remarkable gentleman’s life and activities.

Ann Druffel is one of those rare serious researchers in this sometimes circus-like field; starting out in the late 40s, before the odd and disruptive things started erupting all over the place. She is one of the original members of the government-destroyed National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, the finest civilian study effort in history.

It is my humble opinion that Dr. James E. McDonald will go down in history, assuming that history is not too horribly corrupted, as the best UFO researcher ever. The only one who comes close, really and also in my always humble opinion, is the rather visionary Dr. Jacques Vallee.

Peace to you all…

  1. nycjeff says:

    Its a shame that he’s no longer here.
    When I read the book it was so disappointing to realize how little progress has been made since.

  2. Kandinsky says:

    Tim Binnall recorded an interview with Ann Druffell in 2009 that spans over 3 hours. She talks about the book and her recollections of the great Jim McDonald. I don’t know why exactly, but the interview has a sense of poignancy. She captures the excitement of those years when the UFO Enigma was still considered to be ‘solvable’ and understandable. I think it’s an important audio document of oral history.

    Ann Druffell, in my mind, is a fully-fledged member of the ufology Hall of Fame. If you accept links on your blog, the interviews are still available for free download (halfway down the page)…

    • iggymak says:

      Kandinsky from ATS? Hey, man, thank you for commenting…! :)

      [I am PixelDuster over there. Still getting over my shyness.]

      Ohhh, I really, really should listen to Binnall’s shows… life gets so in the way here I can’t stand it sometimes. I mean, a friend of mine writes for him, even! Sigh.

      Compelled to agree with you 100% regarding Ms. Druffel. We are blessed by such a personage being in the UFO field. Truly a great lady. Smart, knowledgeable, articulate.

      Thank you very much for that link, Kandinsky, I will most definitely listen to it and download it, too. I would encourage anyone reading this page to do the same. It will be a treat.


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