The Giant Rock Project Has Begun

Posted: August 30th, 2010 in aliens, projects, the unexplained, UFO, United States
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Giant Rock and Barb. Click to visit the site.The Giant Rock Project is just getting started and would love input from anyone interested in contributing to the project.

It’s such a sacred area and we want to encourage people to submit articles, tell us about their experiences and send pictures and videos as it applies to Giant Rock. The point is, to educate and bring attention to the area, so eventually getting it submitted as a historical site.

If you have something in mind send it over to
Barbara at the Giant Rock Project, we’ll look it over and post to the site.

Once we really get going, I’d love to submit weekly video on the happenings at Giant Rock. Get a web cam up and running. It’s only taken 10 years, but they are now arresting and prosecuting people who graffiti the rock, unfortunately, you need to catch then in the act for it to work. web cam might help that out.

There is so much exciting new information, we can’t wait to share it with everyone. When it comes to Giant Rock, many of the stories you have read are not correct. With our years of research we’ve uncovered new information that supports the underground tunnel theory, Native American influence and who Frank Critzer really was. Got original photos of him digging out under the rock, have documents from his family – letters Frank wrote to his brothers and sisters – disclosing confidential information. He really was not the hermit miner many articles have led people to believe, and that spy story that has been around for years has a unique twist, can’t wait to expose that one. Also a very interesting development was learned about the relationship between Frank and George Van Tassel. All this will eventually be mentioned in my presentation, on the website or given in an interview.

I’m doing presentations and interviews on the subject and hope to have something on the website soon.
Watch the calendar to see if I’m in your area to to see the presentation in person.

Next year we’re looking to create another UFO Convention at The Integratron and Giant Rock. Stay Tuned for details.

Have a lot on our plate…but have lived and learned a lot over the past several years.
Very excited and looking forward to sharing it with the world and re-writing a little piece of history.

Drop me a not if you have any questions.

Bye for now

Hat Tip to Adam Gorightly.


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