An unspecified mineral.

I just read most of an forum thread called Amazing Electron Microscope Images by Evasius, who fancies him- or herself as a timewave technician. Ha! Nice thought. There have been a lot of these picture posts of late. Actually it was several days ago as I have been quite bummed with living lately and have not been writing.

Anyway, as soon as I saw the above image the first thing I thought was about how all the “para-gurus” and other self-proclaimed “experts” are always going on about how Mrs. Nature doesn’t “do” right angles. This is especially prevalent in postings about anomalous space imagery.

To all of those people… shift your eyes up and down and let these two pictures sink into your head. Mkay? Got it? Good.

Columnar snow crystal.

And this decidedly geometric and exceptionally complex object is a columnar snow crystal. Is that rad or what?

A snippet…

7Rime on a columnar snow crystal. Contact between the snow crystal and the supercooled droplets in the air resulted in freezing of the liquid droplets onto the surface of the crystal. Observations of snow crystals clearly show cloud droplets measuring up to 50 microns on the surface of the crystal. (Agricultural Research Service, United States Department of Agriculture)

A dragonfly’s face.

Okay, then, switching away from geometrics…

Above we have a remarkable, (and IMHO very cool), instance of pareidolia…

I’m quite sure you can spot what I am referring to on the head of this dragonfly.

Just an aside… when I was little, I was afraid of dragonflies… not sure why… maybe because they can maneuver just like a UFO…

The surface of a marijuana leaf.

And finally a little something that can cause peace in our minds… and the munchies.

The columnar snow crystal is from’s Peering into the micro world.

The others are from a gallery, Amazing Electron Microscope Images (gallery) and an article in Perth Now (in Australia) called Creepy critters up close and terrifying, with images provided by the CSIRO’s site.

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