Australia’s 60 Minutes Caves To BP And Removes Their Gulf Doc.

Posted: June 30th, 2010 in criminals, Gulf Oil Disaster, media, television, TPTB
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Yes, Australia’s 60 Minutes has wussed out and removed this excellent documentary, that they produced and aired, from their own website, just as BP demanded they do. I don’t know about you, but that creeps me out.

What a disgrace 60 Minutes has turned out be… to the fine people of Australia, my sympathies… give ’em hell, won’t you?

UPDATE: I’ve learned that 60 Minutes did not air this… not sure about that, but the source is reliable… can any Aussie readers confirm that?

Posted to YouTube by Cryptome1 | June 27, 2010 | 3:59

AU 60 Minutes BP Oil Spill Video, 13 June 2010, Removed by BP Demand Part 1…

AU 60 Minutes BP Oil Spill Video, 13 June 2010, Removed by BP Demand Part 2…

If removed by the equally dastardly YouTube, get this Zipped file! (9.8MB

  1. Anthony says:

    Not sure if this programme went to air Iggy, as I don’t normally watch 60 minutes, but I’ll find out. On a similar note the new Australian Prime Minister came to an agreement with the big mining companies over the Mining super profits tax. The big mining companies are happy, but the smaller companies and explorers certainly aren’t. We know who TRULY rules in Australia.

    • iggymak says:

      Hey, Anthony, thanks! I eagerly await your findings… somehow, from what you said about the mining arrangement, I think you’ll be discovering that what my source said is true. That’d be horrible of course, but, it seems the horror is truly global. Peace to you.

  2. No one has come back to me as yet, but it does strike me as strange that they would have loaded the documentary on the website before having aired the programme. Normally that’s what they do in Australia – air the programme (or provide a transcript) and then make it available on the website for those who missed it.

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