The Spirit Of America… In One Photo.

Posted: June 14th, 2010 in humor, media, new world order, philosophy
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America 2010

Photo by Lily E. via Wonkette

As Tara McGinley said today at Dangerous Minds… “This pretty much sums it up.”

Wow. What a classic shot. What Tara stated so succinctly is so tragically true. What was once the “greatest country in the world” has been turned into something far, far different. And that something is displayed – perfectly – in the fortuitous photo displayed above.

The photo goes deeper… as it also shows the state of the union regarding the dumbing down of our population, which has been official education policy since the mid-1860s.

I would bet, and quite safely, too, I believe, that the person who put those letters on that sign has absolutely no idea that he or she has erred. Jeezus.

There is no date on the photo, but I note that that gas price is about 60 cents less a gallon than it is around these parts.

Don’t know about you, but, I just don’t have any desire to try “a anus burger” at all, thanks all the same.

It would be entertaining to see the CEOs of these two companies wolf a couple down, though.

Alright, then. Peace out.

All of America Captured In Single Photograph

  1. Holy crap, I almost just spit out my coffee! The word “anus” is always funny. GREAT pic.

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