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Posted: June 12th, 2010 in Forteana, human behavior, the unexplained
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Brad Steiger, click to read the full article.

Hey folks, there is an excellent new in-depth editorial on Ambrose Bierce’s intriguing fascination by Brad Steiger over at the League of Western Fortean Intermediatists site… here’s a teaser for ya’… it’s got lots of unexplained incidents… and some rather astute conjecture!

Ambrose Bierce and Strange Disappearances

by Brad Steiger

I was honored when not long ago Bob Rickard at Fortean Times noted that “author Brad Steiger’s influence on forteana equals John Keel’s on ufology.” I have also been pleased with Skylaire’s mention of my being in the lineage of Charles Fort in a number of her articles.  However, before I discovered Fort in the early 1960s, I had another hero of the weird, strange, and unknown –Ambrose Bierce.

In the San Francisco of 1876, Ambrose Bierce reigned as unchallenged literary king, the best known writer west of the Rockies. Some of the contemporaries who nourished their lights in Bierce’s shadow are much better known today. Bret Harte, Jack London, and Joaquin Miller not only rate larger space in the textbooks, but their works remain easily available. Of Bierce’s voluminous writings, only a collection of short stories, In the Midst of Life, and fragments of The Devil’s Dictionary are easily obtainable. But if Bierce’s literary endeavors have not stood the test of time as well as those of certain of his contemporaries, he still enjoys a last laugh, because the mystery of his strange disappearance is better known than the entire life histories of Harte, London, and Miller. […]

Carry on reading Brad’s rad new editorial at L.O.W.F.I…!


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