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New Video Evidence missile hit pentagon source disclose TV -You decide


I thought I would post these videos because despite having researched the treasonous tragedy of 9/11 since 2002, (when I finally ‘woke up’ to the reality of it all), I can’t remember seeing the footage within this video of the missile-like object striking the building.

The poster Johnny from the site above intimates that this is new content, but poster larfilms (shown below) has located the footage on YouTube dated from back in mid-2006. Interesting. I must have seen it… musn’t I? But the memory is gone. Man, subdued shades of the Thunderbird photo effect… Oh boy, perhaps my aunt’s Alzheimer’s is rubbing off on me!

So, in any event, what I want to know is the obvious… the history of this footage. What is it’s source, who shot it from the chopper, where has it been since? All that good stuff.

The ending of the missile shot seems strange… it seems to stop and hold the frame just after the hit. That’s very strange. Does that mean that this video footage is really CGI? Or perhaps it just puncged the hole and didn’t blow up? Seems rather unlikely.

a US Global Hawk painted to look like an AA airliner. There is really no way to prove that this is NOT the very Global Hawk that would later leave behind its engine rotor on the Pentagon lawn.I am fascinated too by the cruise missile shots where it is painted in American Airlines livery. These seem to be real shots, as opposed to the somewhat questionable photo that I featured in fully heated enthusiasm in my old post AA Exposes Bush’s ‘Big Lie’: Flight 11 DID NOT FLY on 911! Credence lending to thoughts and postulations on that part of the puzzle, as well, perhaps, of the Pentagon incident eyewitnesses interviewed by CIT.

I’ve not looked at this forensically to determine the object’s trajectory or anything else, so I can’t comment on it in a technical sense, but it’d be a big help to know that. If you have time please do so and please post your results!

What DO we have here?

larfilms — May 18, 2006 — this should put to rest all the conspiracy theorists and fake mongerers. someone has updated and enhanced it as well here
panjea.com/video/file/747/ (defunct)

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