Disney. Walmart. Others. Slavers of the Third World.

Posted: February 7th, 2010 in criminals, human behavior, media
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“I don’t expect this one to get a lot of views being most Americans could care less what they are supporting when they go shopping.

With our failing economy don’t think for one minute that this may one day be your kid being worked like a slave in these corporate trash factories. Checkout and support the National Labor Committee www.youtube.com/user/nlcnet one of the few voices exposing the truth in this travesty.” – from the video poster, hijackednation.

I’ve been ranting on about this for eons, but no one seems to care, no one listens… and I do mean no one. Seems that thoughts don’t go too far beyond the state of the wallet, or the allure of acquiring more and more useless, mind-numbing crap.

Posted this already over at High Strangeness, where this sort of stuff is more the normal fare, but as this video is rather well done, it appears here as well… for maybe upon seeing it someone will finally hear the message… and realize that a lot more is happening with respect to these big box and big media devils than just forcing out locally cherished mom and pop stores… and that by supporting these corporations they’re encouraging their repulsive view of society… and the expansion of human slavery right along with it.

The following is all I said at HS…

My thoughts?

Screw Walmart. Screw Disney. May the lying bastards rot in hell…

If you shop there, wake the hell up, or don’t for one second profess to me or anyone else that you care one whit about your fellow man.

  1. Tom Cosgrove says:

    Slavery, in all its many forms, is alive and well, unfortunately.
    All one has to do is SEE. In the U.S., where image is everything,

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