the International Cryptozoology Museum“After six years of sweat, tears, and plaster foot casts, Loren Coleman has found a permanent home for his Cryptozoology Museum in downtown Portland, Maine!” – Skylaire Alfvegren

This is big news!

It’s taken six years, but as of November 1, 2009, the International Cryptozoology Museum will publicly open in a permanent space in downtown Portland, Maine.

The museum has found a public home at 661 Congress Street, just down the street from the world-famous Portland Museum of Art and the State Theater, next to a local landmark, Joe’s Smoke Shop.

The three year lease is signed, the fund-raising can begin in earnest, your help is needed, museum patrons will be given teeshirts / footcasts, and the doors are happily being flung open to a new dawn for the world’s only fully public cryptozoology museum. The times were often difficult, but the museum survives. The morrow is incredible and exciting!

The museum modestly began with sculptures and paintings created just for it, hundreds of cryptids toys and souvenirs from around the world, one-of-a-kind artifacts, a life-size 8 feet tall Bigfoot representation, a full-scale six-foot-long coelacanth model, over a hundred Bigfoot-Yeti-Yowie footcasts, jackalopes, furred trout, along with such Hollywood cryptid-related props as The Mothman Prophecies’ Point Pleasant “police” outfit, the movie P. T. Barnum’s authentic 3.5 feet tall Feejee Mermaid, the TV series Freakylinks’ 11 ft long “Mystery Civil War Pterodactyl,” and some of the movie Magnolia’s falling frogs.

Find out more exciting details at this link…

  1. b. guilianelli says:

    i am from albany new york, and am looking forward to going to the grand opening on november 1st, sounds very interesting and fun

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