Holy Floating Boulders, Batman!

Posted: August 8th, 2009 in China, UFO, UFO sightings
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A Floaty 'Rock' UFO in China, cropped.

And now for something completely different, the floating rock UFO of Gushan, China.

China's "Rock' UFO

This image set has been storming around the net for a couple days now and understandably so… after all we don’t get many UFOs shaped like boulders. Plus it’s from the always enigmatic land of China, giving it that extra spicy flavor. There doesn’t appear to be any MSG added, or not much at least, but it’s hard to tell as the only site I’ve seen linked along with it is this one, and it’s in Chinese. I haven’t copied it into a translator yet, but I am pretty sure it likely just has the usual things said in these reports. A site is actually referenced in the article, http://www.dnkb.com.cn, but I couldn’t find it on there. I’ll do that in a minute…

I’ve not blown it up, either, but at the magnification above there is some artifacting around the object, which might indicate sloppy Photoshopping or it could just be from the camera recording the scene as a JPG file.

So, assuming for now that all is on the up and up with this image, the question is what is it? A stealth probe, perhaps, seeking a nice unobtrusive spot to monitor the activities of this village? Why would the operators do that? Seems a pretty innocuous place to me judging solely by the location picture below… not the home of the ruling elite, that’s for sure. Kind of an interesting expression on the face of the dude in the photo.

Village of the Chinese Rock

Or maybe it’s the shot of the century – capturing a unique, non-burning, slow-moving meteor about to hit the earth? Don’t see any strings… Could it be a new, improved, high-tech version of the Chinese lanterns so popular in the UK? Weird.

Just ran the article through, and according to Google Translate, here’s what it says… well, sort of… Google seems to have had some difficulty with nuance and such…

Gushan mysterious flying objects (Photo)

UFO photos on what is in the end? True or false? Does any other day is also Gushan readers? We can log in East Express Network (www.dnkb.com.cn) download the image analysis or through our hotline 0591-87806110 express your views.

Gushan inadvertently climb took a landscape photo of a home, the photos of Gushan was floating over a UFO the same as a rock!

Other day, ground-based meteorological observation Fuzhou weather observer group in the finishing photo Gang Hao, a pleasant surprise.

Gang Hao said that the photos were taken at 15:34 on July 19, he took Gushan Valley of积翠Um. The same day, he and his family accidentally shot climbing photo, the photo was not found this strange flying objects, until two days later, he organize photos on your computer, picture zoom in when found.

“Camera is the Canon SX110IS camera fool ordinary machines, photo did not undergo any post-processing. Based on analysis of photos the sky, the clouds should be about 1300 meters short and broken cumulus clouds, and the Weather Bureau recorded the same observation, the weather for sunny, high visibility, therefore, photographs can be seen clearer. “Gang Hao said that the photos under the 2 / 3 are trees and mountains, on the 1 / 3 for the sky, the trees in the photos the central junction of smoke and the sky a UFO, submitted under the small cone large column, looks like stone.

Gang Hao that he is doing as a result of meteorological observations, discovered the pictures after the unidentified object, also conducted at the time recalled the scene, and speculations. He said the UFO Um积翠should be located in the northeast ridge above ridge Department 500 meters above sea level should be about the size of objects is estimated that about 5 meters in diameter.

The discovery of the pictures after the unidentified object, Gang Hao also very puzzled, he showed a few colleagues, friends. Is a flying saucer? Is the detector? Or just ordinary stones up? As we all tell a所以然to.

Yesterday, the Gang Hao contact reporters, decided to show photos, I would like to quickly search through the East informed a friend, to identify this UFO is in the end.

Gushan UFO 4 large guess

Conjecture I: UFO?

Second guess:飞起blasting the rocks? Conjecture III: Book release a Hung Ming lantern or a balloon? Conjecture IV: PS picture?

Gang Hao colleagues said most of the UFO, such as the flying saucer. Can image objects with the most common we hear a great difference between UFO shape.

Second guess:飞起blasting the rocks?

Gang Hao a friend that is飞起blasting of rocks, large rocks nearby, and its shape is also the most like a rock. But the problem is to make such large pieces of rock off, which the power of the blast how ah! Certainly can feel when taking pictures, but did not feel abnormal at the time Gang Hao.

Conjecture III: Book release a Hung Ming lantern or a balloon?

Balloon release a Hung Ming lantern and a friend of the suspect is the most bizarre. “I have a best friend does not believe in such as UFO, he was even considered to be mischievous, to release a Hung Ming lantern or paste has become a strange balloon shape, and then placed in heaven.”

Conjecture IV: PS picture?

But it was also suggested that photographs of the UFO seems to no buzz, this photo will not be too PS by others?

Army reporter施焕

Actually, that’s a pretty reasonable report, don’t you think? It notes the lantern and Photoshop theories and notes as well that there was in fact blasting in the area, although the dude says that that wasn’t going on when he snapped it.

I kinda like my stealth monitor theory… seeking out a nice rock garden to carefully position itself in order to watch the activities of the town’s workers. Hehe.

Well, that’s pretty much it… and ultimately, as in all things Fortean, it’s up to each of us to come up with our own ‘likely suspect.’

  1. fodderbutwiser says:

    Wasn’t there a report recently of a floating stone observed and chased over England? Israel?
    There were photos, and the altitude was above 10,000 ft.
    Sumbuddy hep me out here!

    -What better way than that, no better time than now…

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