“What Is Oozing Out Of Our Ground?”

Posted: July 13th, 2009 in Conspiracy, Forteana, human behavior, humor, wackos
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Sprinkler Rainbow Conspiracy…

This video extravaganza is simultaneously the scariest and the funniest thing I’ve seen in more years than I care to remember.

I have met some people in my Fortean travels that have seemed as if they were at least one slice short of a pizza… maybe even two… but this lady… not only takes the cannoli, she scares me. I wanted to roll on the floor laughing, but I was so astounded – that I forgot to!

With a hat tip to Richard Metzger for posting this World-class candidate for Most Credulous to Facebook, I present it here for you now, the enlightened readers of What’s All This, Then? to experience for yourselves. And trust me, it’s going to be an experience.

Brace yourself…

So… Can there be any doubt, any at all… that the dumbing down process is now, for all intents and purposes, complete? Can there be any confusion as to exactly why our ever-so evil government has been able to get away with everything they have so far, with total immunity and even encouragement?

Choice comments from Facebook:

  • “I’ll have what she’s having..”
  • Love the spelling in the text, too.
  • I have a plastic bag of “rainbow making stuff”.
  • This makes my eyes leak saline.
  • “this is mind-bottling” ;D
  • … and next you’re going to say that wasn’t Jesus imprinted in that slice of toast on Ebay a couple of years ago!
  • The dumbing down of America, ladies and gentlemen. Sunlight + Water particles = RAINBOWS. What an idiot.
  • I think its the fluoride.
  • The camerawork is outstanding as well…
  • what is oozing out of our ground ?

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