[High Strangeness] Arnold Wants To Kill Defenseless California Animals

Posted: June 25th, 2009 in criminals, government, human behavior, wackos
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[High Strangeness] Arnold Wants To Kill Defenseless California Animals



a cute pupHelp stop the murder for money scheme of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who wants to balance the CA budget by killing shelter dogs and cats after only 3 days. While all shelters should be no kill, the new 3 day kill rule isn’t enough time for owners to find lost pets or animals to find new homes. You don’t have to live in CA to help.

Please… take a second to send an email to the asshole governor, and your local reps (if you’re in CA), it’s just a simple form and took me less than a minute. If you don’t live in CA, or even the US, you’ll have to email separately.

I don’t understand… I’m a native of this state. We’re last in education. We overthrew gay marriage. If we’d legalize weed (which I don’t even smoke!) we’d have no budget deficit. Who are these morons running my state? It’s enough to make me fucking move, out of the state, out of the country, just to be spiteful!

He’s already closing our state parks, and canceled summer school. One out four Latino girls drops out of high school to have a kid in CA. WTF??????????

Thanks for hearing me out,

Skylaire Alfvegren
“yellow journalism, elfin magic”
P.O. Box 291842
Los Angeles, CA 90029


I agree wholeheartedly. Tell this Epic Failure of a wannabee Nazi asshole what’s what. Nice job he’s done running the state…

Posted By iggymak to High Strangeness at 6/25/2009 05:47:00 PM

  1. lily says:

    thats mest upppp!

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