Sign The UFO Hunters Season 4 Petition

Posted: May 26th, 2009 in media, television, UFO, UFO sightings
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1958 at Giant Rock, USAHey, dudes and dudettes, the History Channel is thinking of canceling this fine show. That, of course, would be bad. Real bad.

History Channel executives need to know that we need more high quality Fortean shows… not less… and this one in particular… right now.

So please, won’t you help the suits understand that there is a market for the unexplained, help them beat back the bean counters and make the right choice…

Sign the UFO Hunters Season 4 Petition!

Speak out!

  1. Please do not cancell one of the most “important ” shows on TV. UFO Hunters go to great lengths to explore all avenues of the phenomena. To even think about letting this show go is a mystery, and a travesty. This is the biggest discovery of mankind and could very well change our future and enlighten our consciousness. I love UFO Hunters. Instead the History channel has been really getting terrible with their programming. Pawn stars, Ax men, ice road truckers, all these shows are basically worthless! The history channel has been one of my favorite channels, but it is drastically going down hill.
    If UFO Hunters are cancelled, I will cancel my patronage. I have bought stuff from the History store and I will never buy anything again. We need this show, all of us!

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