Cops Caught UFO Littering, No Arrests Made

Posted: May 9th, 2009 in Forteana, science, UFO sightings
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Strange, this object, caught by the Long Beach police, red-handed and dripping like mad while flying over the city. What could this possibly be? As is mentioned below, others like it have been seen, although perhaps not in the infrared spectrum. It spews its detritus over the city and when, er, relieved, let’s say, speeds off in level flight. What’s it dropping? Waste? Spent fuel? Excess plasma for the immediate and changing electrical vicinity’s conditions?

The flying away, in smooth, seemingly controlled flight at the end is what perplexes me. My head wants to think that it might well be a localized plasma event like the Brown Mountain lights, in large part because of the stuff coming out of it, but wouldn’t it then just fizzle out or “switch off” like ball lightning rather than take off? It’s so very strange!

Description: This is real FLIR (Forward Looking Infra-red) footage from a Long Beach, CA, Police Department helicopter – Dec. 05, 2004 (could also be 25th)

From Lon’s post at Phantoms and Monsters: NOTE: this UFO looks very similar to one captured over Brownsville, TX around the same time. That UFO also had material / plasma falling off of it as well as maneuvering in somewhat controlled flight. As far as I know, no debris was found on the ground.


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