Atlanta’s Georgia Skies… Just Peachy!

Posted: April 24th, 2009 in Forteana, UFO sightings
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Atlanta ufo

Oh, that’s so pretty! Similar to those fluorescing thingies that children wave around at county fairs, but much more colorful. This sighting was reported to MUFON by a meteorologist after it was sent to him in an email. Interesting thing is, he said he’d seen one just like it almost exactly two years ago.

I wonder if it appeared in the interim year and he just missed it. An annual or even biannual manifestation is a very odd thing, raising even more questions about what it might be. Some sort of unknown natural cyclical phenomena of nature? Aliens sending a probe on schedule? The government sending one? What might they be checking? It doesn’t look much like a craft… could be a device of sorts… looks more like a plasma or electrical whatsit, possibly earthlights, but there’s that regularly scheduled showing throwing a whole tool chest of spanners into the works.

High strangeness seems to be taking an ever more active role in our lives. Insight into the problem doesn’t seem to be advancing, as usual, but there’s always hope. Let’s hope that we can stick it out until clues and resources come into play that will help get us over the hurdle of understanding.


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