OVNI Gets All Sprockety In Brazil.

Posted: April 20th, 2009 in Forteana, UFO sightings
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Update: This… is not real. It’s a balloon. Please see this corrective post. And yes, I’m embarrassed.Brazil's Spikey Stranger

I’m sure you’ve all seen this by now, but since it was in my drafts… This one’s nice because you can kind of see it change from round to sprockety. Now, lots are saying, just as they did with the last so similarly spiky one, that it’s a balloon, as the folks to the south ‘love balloons.’ Well that’s fine, but do they also rig them with mechanisms to pop out the spikes afterwards? Hmmm? Wouldn’t that put a bit of a damper on the weight to floatability ratio?

The alleged story behind it, that it’s shot by a kid in Brazil in 2008, is pretty believable. Said kid does a great job, too, as the image testifies to. You can see it tilt on its side for a bit after it grows the spikes. Don’t see where the ‘jellyfish’ label is from, though, as I can’t see any individual dangling tentacles. No matter. Sadly at the end that most dubious dumbed-down compensation ‘technology’ known as autofocus puts an end to it all prematurely.

I don’t believe this is an animation, as it goes against the main point of average Joes using it… to show off. Most of the CGI saucers you see are very brief (as it’s quite labor- and very computer resource-intensive) and nice and crisp… and maybe gaudy like the Haiti examples or even ludicrous like that Italian one. Many are, I imagine, from college class exercises. The CGI phantasms we all watched on and after 9/11 are of the exact opposite sort, as their purpose was quite different. This UFO video displays none of the characteristics of either path.

Maybe it’s a critter.


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