Mein Gott, It IS A Balloon… Cue The Blush!

Posted: April 20th, 2009 in corrections, human behavior, UFO sightings
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Oh dear, this just in, just now, from my very good friend at AC, who didn’t want to embarrass me by commenting on the previous post below… so I figured I’d better do it myself! This is exactly the sort of thing that happens if you a) don’t research stuff, and b) don’t keep up with the stream… Well, I feel better… Here ’tis, in quotes…

“As you probably recall, this all took place after the drones let up toward the end of 2007. The dronies were bored and attacked this sighting like a fly on – well you know. Anyway, the end result was – there is an interview with the family somewhere on YouTube where they tell everyone it was a balloon.”

“On your version of the video, at your 3:22 mark the woman even says the word balloon.” – oh dear!

“December 2007 – This is the original Video”

“This is the company below and only one example of their products.”

balaoaranha drone_saopaulo

“Picture from a stabilized version on YouTube” V-below-V

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