Posted: April 18th, 2009 in aliens, Conspiracy, Forteana, friends
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Mick FarrenHey, folks, here’s the latest in the ongoing series of guest editorials at The League of Western Fortean Intermediatists… it’s…

by Mick Farren

I have always had reservations about grey aliens. Indeed, I have always found them a little too trite to be true. Okay, the egg-headed, abducting, little bastards are all over t-shirts, fridge magnets and The History Channel, but, for me, that doesn’t make them any more convincing. That alien visitors to our world should turn out to be upright, four limbed, bi-pedal entities, seems just too much of a coincidence, particularly as the current configuration of human beings was created by a very specific set of evolutionary circumstances. Was it possible that our first extra terrestrial contact would be with a species that – like us – had some small, grey ancestral quadruped who also stood up on its hind legs to look over what passed for long grass on a distant planet, under another star? […]   Continue reading Mick’s article…


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