Anomalous Atmospheric Animal?

Posted: April 16th, 2009 in cryptozoology, Forteana, NASA, nature, science, space
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Sky Critter?

Perhaps the strangest thing I’ve ever seen, I don’t feel too comfortable in referring to it as a craft… it seems much more along the lines of an organism to me… like Story Musgrave’s ‘worm,’ and the somewhat similar forms seen sometimes in Mexico and recently in Argentina… albeit with a more complex branching form rather than their typically single element shapes.

It would appear to be positively enormous. That fuel tank’s not so little… It’s also below the fuel tank. It’s also quite obviously well within the atmosphere, as it clearly goes through several clouds as it checks out the Shuttle’s fuel tank… again assuming that it is in fact checking out the tank… it might just happen to be there at the right time. 

Whatever it is, it’s absolutely fascinating. My thoughts run toward an Earth-based ‘sky-critter’ of some type… perhaps the ultimate cryptid, even. Skybound lifeforms have been posited at least since I was a little kid… for other planets, especially the gas giants, and there was of course the fellow who coined the term sky-critter, ufologist Trevor J. Constable, who published books called They Live in the Sky, Sky Creatures: Living UFOs and The Cosmic Pulse of Life: The Revolutionary Biological Power Behind UFOs, which contained his famous infrared photos showing large, blobby, UFO-like things in them, that he believed were alive. They weren’t shaped like this thing, though, that’s for sure.

So, seriously, I really want to know what this thing is… don’t you? Because like I said, it’s one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen.

  1. Could be a worm but looks a lot like an ice crystal. Our atmosphere does create such in that size and much bigger ones as well.

    Ice Crystals

    While manning the UFO Casebook, Inventor Grissom was a member. He’s nephew to astronaut Grissom. Anyway, he was in our forum to describe a UFO event he had just had. He crashed into it while flying. Scared the bejesus out of him and thought he had hit a UFO. Come to find out after a good deal of research that he had hit a patch of large ice crystals, which small craft pilots have reported in the past as well and the description of the event sounded like Grissoms too.

    • iggymak says:

      That’s amazing… seriously so… I’d still like it to be a critter, though, hehe… but hey… that’s pretty cool in and of itself. You’d think with a shape like that it might tend to break. I wish Dr. McDonald was still around.

    • I am Michael Grissom, the pilot of Grumman TR-2 AA1B tail number N1650R that crashed into those crystals in 1985 and they were definitely NOT ice. If you Google “N1650R UFO rense” and view the 4th illustration which are the crystals you’ll see exactly what I saw and ice crystals can not shape and space themselves that perfectly. Also, if they had been “ice” I would have sustained far more damage than I did ($1,700). To this day I still haven’t a clue as to what that sphere was — alien or military or other.

      This is a very unique site that I stumbled upon tonight by accident and bookmarked. So,”I’ll be bock”. :)

      • iggymak says:

        Thank you, Michael… thank you for sharing your encounter with the unknown. And what an unknown! Simply stunning! I have no idea what that might have been either… but maybe someday we will. Many things must change for that to happen, though, let’s hope it’s within our lifetime. Thank you, too, for your kind and generous thoughts… welcome, sir!

        For those who are interested in Michael’s experience, here’s the link.

  2. Then again, what altitude was it at?

  3. Down here in hell, I mean southern Texas :) we get the lions share of unusual anomalies in the sky. I hadn’t seen a lenticular cloud my whole life until I moved here and now I see them all of the time. So consequently, before I moved here I was with the rest when it came to UFOs forming lenticulars. I’ve watch them form and that’s a beauty in itself. The wind really wicks up there when they’re being made and it happens pretty suddenly.

    I don’t remember the sites, but Grissom and I spent days clicking and finding all sorts of ice in the atmosphere. Major motion stuff too sometimes. Many times they’re like sheets about the size of cars. So for him, it all clicked when he reminisced on the terror and sound of his plane after impact. That in itself had to be a scary ordeal. He’s a neat guy and a cartoonist. He has a really cool dome home he built too. A real character and I miss him. Must go seeking – see ya.

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