Australian UFO With The Blues

Posted: April 10th, 2009 in UFO sightings
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But not for long, apparently, as it seems at the end to get over it… and becomes a bit upset. There I go anthropomorphizing again. Hehe. I was going to post another one from Holland that’s going around but this one is a lot prettier. I just chopped the above image out a simple capture of the YouTube full screen. 

The comments on the video, while in their eloquence showing that the dumbing down process is working fabulously, I think in this case, are correct. A flashlight is the preferred source. First flag is the use of the word amazing in the description, another is the audio playing in the background and of course the non-spontaneity of the cameraman’s commentary. Did I forget to mention the silly edits? Although he did a good job making it appear somewhat triangular in an ellipsoidal kinda way!

Anyway, it’s pretty. And a nice “real-looking” shape. Okay, time for coffee…

The video description is merely:
Amazing UFO footage. I captured this on my camera last night. 22nd of October 2008.


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