San Francisco Stealth Flight Snapped

Posted: April 1st, 2009 in UFO sightings
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San Francisco UFO

Hey, nice shot! Great timing. Nice craft, too, I like its styling, somewhat triangular at this resolution, good paint job, too; and I compliment the designer. The above is a pretty radical crop, as you’ll see when you visit the P&M blog wherein lay the full frame and a less zoomed crop. As you’ll read below, whatever it was didn’t hang about long. They don’t usually, do they?

Are they just popping in to get a shot for the archives, calibrate the gravitic anomalizer… or was something happening in the vicinity that was perhaps out of the norm enough to attract the attention of the seriously out of the norm?

Impossible to say… what these objects are… 

Kind of a nice thing to contemplate of an evening, if only for a while. Could very well spark off an idea for a good sci-fi story with heroics and all…  

Statement from witness: I was reviewing the photos of my last trip to San Francisco and noticed that a flying object appeared at the left of the City Hall dome.

I had taken other photos (one 8 secs before and another 40 secs later) in the same position and the UFO doesn’t appear in them.

I took these photos using a SONY model DSC-W90.


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