Okay this is just insane… my little brain wants to scream fake, fake, fake… yet I keep watching it. The window’s been up for days. What am I to make of this? It’s ludicrous… supposedly filmed by the French government? What? In 1948?

It completely goes against all that we know, or all that I know, no, we, I’d say… about manta rays. Note that it’s flying over land. Even more ludicrous! Note also that this is posted in Entertainment, so that’s a flag. 

Has anyone ever heard anything about this, or even anything like this? I cannot bring myself to accept this footage as real… and yet, as I said, I keep looking at it. Whoever made this has captured a good tone and texture for ‘1948,’ I’ll give ’em that. I wonder what Kentaro Mori would say to this! Ha!

As far as the stills go, well, I’m not buying them either. Sky-critters I can go with… but… not flying manta rays. They don’t even ‘fly’ normally, they just jump, unlike even flying fish which glide on the wind for a hundred feet or so on a good day.

What I really wanna know, though, is… why do I keep watching it?

Video description…
Flying Manta Ray Filmed at 20,000 ft. From Airplane
flying manta ray footage from the french government circa 1948. The original frames were motion tracked and stabilized. You can see it flying above the clouds, then it drops a few hundred feet below them in about 1 second. Also is some still photos of alleged flying manta and eagle rays. 

[http://www.thesmokingnug.com/ – interesting place. “Uncensored News and Satire (< must be. – ed.) From Around the World.”]

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