Aerial View: Copernican Mining Co., Ltd.

Posted: March 24th, 2009 in astronomy, Moon, NASA, science
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And ladies and gentlemen, to our left just below is the headquarters of Copernican Mining Co., Ltd., that looney lunar leader in processing titanium and fine minerals… (ahem) yes… this was snapped in 1967 by the Lunar Orbiter 5 probe as it soared high over the magnificent crater Copernicus.

Via a link in the Fortean Phenomena Again group, this info was revealed to me… it’s at the Paranormal News site – via a reader’s email, which included the above video and a few photos, one of which is below.

It’s yet another strangely suspicious-looking structure on the lunar surface, complete with a totally different albedo than the surrounding area and a nice assortment of reasonably intricate geometric forms within its confines. None of which suggest geology, of course.

So, what do you think? Heap o’ rocks? Trick of light and shadow? Maybe something else? You can tell what I’m thinking by this post’s very existence, but why not download the image for yourself and blow it up a bit… just for fun. 

From the video’s info block:
What do you think ? How would NASA explain this ?

Official image :…… (5151_h1)

Eastern Oceanus Procellarum, Mare Insularum, Copernicus Crater / (~) 9.3° N, 19.25° W

Music : Nada Surf – Where is my mind (Pixies Tribute)

If someone can help for the structure’s scale…

Copernican Mines, Ltd.

  1. iggymak says:

    An interesting thing just happened… my elderly aunt of 86 years just stopped in upstairs here at WATT HQ… so I decided to show her the still shown above, asking, “Hey Clare, what does this look like to you?” Her reply… with no hesitation… “A building.” I asked… “Really?” “Yes, certainly.” I said… “It’s on the Moon.” “Oh, dear…”

    Ha! Take that NASA…

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