Saturnbound Sightseers Touring The Rings

Posted: March 23rd, 2009 in astronomy, NASA, Saturn, science, space, UFO sightings
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The team of wacky space boffins at Lunar Explorer Italia have done it again. This time, they’ve spied on some interlopers and holidaymakers at the pretty ball known as Saturn and specifically at it’s rings. Yeah, tourists are simply everywhere. 

These astronomers are quite serious, though. The video contains a variety of different objects crossing the camera’s view and a couple are seriously and spectacularly close as in the one below, which I snipped and made vertical (mainly so the post’d be taller, for blogular balance, you see…).

Unusual Object

You can snag huge versions of the gifs that the video is made out of at these two pages: trueplanets-334 and trueplanets-575. The pages are in Italian.

I remember that several years ago there were also some pretty cool shots made of some vast unidentified objects in this vicinity. Now I must find them… oh boy. Oh, what was that guy’s name? Perhaps this is a stop on the highway… 

Interesting that every time we’ve been there we spot some other traffic… interesting too that some scientists are starting to give a great effort in getting this sort of thing out. I think they’re just righteous dudes, but I suppose it could be one of those “disclosure” episodes. This I doubt, to be honest.

I like the big disc best. It has this timbre of organic to it… making it seem almost alive. The boxy one here is strange. Then again, what have we seen in space that isn’t just a little bit strange?


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