Nice Out Today… Not Too Chilly.

Posted: March 15th, 2009 in Conspiracy, Mars, Mars science, NASA, space
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It was indeed… I think spring has finally sprung here… ooh, I can do the car… start on the yard… great… maybe more dudes’ll feel that warmth and find they need a web guy or an editor guy… anyway, Mars beckons, so…

I found a graph I was looking for… showing surface temps. It’s from the bolometer part of the USGS-operated TES instrument package on the Mars Global Surveyor way back in August of 2001.

MGS TES thermal data

Not too chilly, really, in spring, summer and fall. Much more than a bit nipply in winter, though, I admit… ha! In fact, instruments also reported in the same month that it can even be up to 30°C/86°F at the equator. Just like sunny California, eh? One can also see a thermal image here showing 0°C/32°F almost right down to the pole, which is itself very cold.

This mile-wide lake of snowmelt water would be a great place to fish, I think. It was found by Paul Mcleod on an MGS image of the south polar region in Martian spring. Probably catch some pretty odd stuff, eh? Hehe. Like that eel-looking critter that’s been popular of late, maybe. I think we should go up there and check it out… reels in hand. This isn’t my favorite lake, actually, (we’ll go there later), but it’s nice and was close at hand.

M09-01354. This 1 mile wide lake of snowmelt water was found by Paul Mcleod on an MGS image of the south polar region in Martian spring.

MGS info happily re-discovered via a long-overdue visit to Holger Isenberg’s site. He’s one of the original Mars investigators. Tons of cool stuff.

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