Mini UFO – [НЛО] Probes Moscow

Posted: March 6th, 2009 in UFO sightings
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This is cool! Just a little thing… acting all probe-like and such. And located right near where 25% of my genes come from.

Over at YouTube, as expected, most of the comments lean stridently toward a fake. I don’t think it is. That being based on my video/film experience and the overall qualities of the image as it appears here. I don’t immediately see anything that leads me into thinking fake, with the possible exception of the way it ends, but… we’ll see what others have to say.

Of course it could be… any image can be these days, however, at some points one can see texture in the ball, even at YouTube resolution, which is about as bad as you can get. The dude’s really quite good if the nay-sayers are correct. Real analysis, as always, can only come from the original media.

Anyway, see what you think…

Hat tip to Alien Casebook Frontier for the lead.


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