Could this be an organism?

Posted: March 3rd, 2009 in exobiology, Forteana, Mars, Mars science, NASA
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A Martian life form? image © Sir Charles W. Shults III, K.B.B.This image is the result of a photo test conducted at Xenotech Research. Without getting all geeky, it represents what changed between the two photos they were looking at.

The object of our affection here is the little blue segmented fellow near the Phoenix lander’s foot, cropped from the original.

True, it’s sort of worm-looking, you might say… but why did it catch the eye?

Well… 109 seconds after this shot was snapped, they took another… and… it was gone.


Seriously close examination revealed that it wasn’t really gone, but, just as intriguingly… it had changed color… and… it had moved. Moved. Think about it. We’re talking Mars here, lads ‘n lasses. That place that’s supposedly so very inhospitable.

Inhospitable… right. Bullshit.

That’s what I love about the dudes over at Xenotech… they do real science on the released data… they have the science chops to back it up… they don’t take any of the aforementioned bullshit… and they’re not afraid to tell NASA or whomever exactly what they think of them… much like me, (except for the chops bit)… so, hey! Check ’em out, man… fabulous forum goin’ on, too. They keep using Photobucket for forum pics, though, so old pics are gone pretty quick, but don’t let that stop ya!

  1. How coincidental is this. I just got done reading the following article at Wired.

    Life Thrives in Earth’s Most Mars-Like Environment

    The snippet said: A region of Earth so barren and desolate that it’s often compared to Mars is home to simple but thriving ecosystems, suggesting that life could indeed survive on the Red planet.

    • iggymak says:

      Wow… there seems to be a lot of this synchronicity stuff going on here at WATT… Regan had it happen to her, too!

      Thanks, True… that sounds like a good article… I’ll be readin’ it!

      Be well.

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