The Giant Rat Of… China?

Posted: February 27th, 2009 in cryptozoology, nature
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One big rat!That’s one big rat! In the southern Chinese province of Fujian, in a residential area of Fuzhou, a city of six million people on China’s south coast, this dude snagged, by the scruff of its neck, this enormous rat.

Its tail measures a full foot long, but more scarily, those teeth are an inch… yikes! 

He stuffed it in a bag and split with his prize, thinking it valuable and rare. I hope for the people’s sake that it is rare! 

Forestry types say it’s a bamboo rat… but only the Sumatran bamboo rat fits the bill size-wise… which doesn’t live around there… hmmm… which brings to mind the Giant Rat of Sumatra out of Sherlock Holmes’ The Adventure of a Sussex Vampire… also brings to my mind the rat scene in the city from the excellent British TV series called Survivors from way back when.

Fabulous… but… well… it’s a rat. Don’t like rats much.

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