The Blues Can Be Beautiful…

Posted: February 26th, 2009 in UFO sightings
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I’ve been thinking blue lately… prompted I believe by the Arizona azure one below… likely other things re: blue, too, but… anyway my mind went back a few years to another blue beauty… I posted this photo and a link back in August ’05. The story was on the Rense site (originating from HBCC UFO Research) with the title “Glowing Blue Object In Eastern Oregon Near Hwy 12 And Idaho State Line.” So, in my current state I just had to share it again, as the odds of you finding it at High Strangeness are slim, and of course… you’d have to be looking for it.

This fabulous UFO snap was taken out of a pickup truck’s right passenger window. (you can see the A-pillar/mirror reflection on the left)… so… the visual impression is that this thing was seriously close… which is to my mind the best way to see ’em… (and once I did!)… either that or it was far away and just as seriously enormous! Dude got one hell of a shot, eh? Damn!

  1. idk if i can believe that! i mean it looks promising but u still never know!:):):)

    • iggymak says:

      It’s true that, unless you were there, being 100% sure of some event’s authenticity is shall we say unlikely. And a photograph… well… I can do some pretty amazing things with Photoshop and so can a lot of others. That being said, I have good feelings about this one.

      It shouldn’t be a matter of belief but rather more an objective and even skeptical look at everything that’s presented and then seeing if some balance can result. I don’t “believe” in UFOs, or liquid Martian water, for that matter; the weight of the evidence, and experience in the former, has caused more of a decided “knowing.” Best not to believe or disbelieve a thing, rather to just look and ask, like the PC in that wonderful Python sketch, “What’s all this, then?”

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