The Arizona Azure Blues

Posted: February 23rd, 2009 in UFO sightings
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Sort of azure-ish… hey, it seemed to fit… anyway, shown above, (and in the links below),  is the latest UFO sighted in what seems now to be a new flap in Phoenix, Arizona, site of the fabulous huge boomerang display way back in 1997. The official lame suggestion for this one? As it states below… a comet… in the opposite direction. Ha! Guess they still think we’re all as dumb as a rock. Harrumph.

There is as most know a military base off in the near distance, so it is likely one of theirs, or perhaps it’s… something else. I prefer to think it’s “something else,” as the notion of our military (who now represent the elite… and not, as far as I can tell, we the people) having these things is kinda scary. Just what are they going to do with them? Many think either scenario could be the case… and some think the two are a blend! I don’t know about that… I do think, though, that pretty much anything is possible.

At any rate, it’s a beautiful blue… I’m a big fan of blue… and I am also glad that the saucers seem to be returning in force throughout the world to fill our days and nights with wonder.

Below is the post from NECN, via a lead from  The Anomalist

17 hours 40 min 53 sec ago
Unusual light shines in Arizona’s night sky

(NECN/KSAZ) – Something strange was seen in the sky over the Phoenix, Arizona valley on Saturday night.

A Scottsdale resident reported seeing a light hovering over the city that could not be identified. One local astronomer said the most likely culprit is the Comet Lulin which can be seen from earth right now.

However, that comet is supposed to seen in the eastern sky. Saturday’s object was seen in the west.

In the video player above, you can see that the light appears to move slightly away from the camera, but without a frame of reference, it may be the camera that is moving further away from the object.

This is the second time in a week that a peculiar site has been seen in the sky in America’s south. On February 15th, Texans saw an unusual object come crashing down in the clear Sunday morning sky. The FAA explained that it was not a UFO or fireball, but a meteor the size of a pickup truck.

Video courtesy of KSAZ.

  1. Virgil says:

    Several years ago in Coolidge AZ I had been standing on my front porch. I observed wht at first appeared to be a meteor coming down. Something seemed different though and I started yelling for my wife to come outside. As I kept watching it dropped close to what appeared to be a treeline in the distance. It was a bright green in color. Suddenly it turned and I made out a triangular shape. The wide end flared fiery red and it shot straight up into the sky out of sight. I have been seeing other bright objects lately deliberately moving very slowly then they climb upwards until the are out of sight. My younger brother on the other side of town has seen these as well and at the same time. He even described the path of travel that I had observed. I have a copy onb my computer of something that appeared in a photo he took. He said that this object or whatever did not appear to the naked eye but shows up in the picture. One source I will not discuss, stated that it is a new form of camoflage the military is using for aircraft. If so, then it refacts light and matches the description somewhat of the aura given as descibed around the ship in the Philadelphia experiment. These are just a few of the strange sights and phenomena we have seen over the years. I have learned even more what to look for and to debunk those that can be. There remains that which cannot.

  2. iggymak says:

    Virgil, thanks! The experiences you relate certainly seems pretty exciting to me! I can’t actually remember any tales of green triangles, so perhaps it was a new model! Putting it in human terms, that is… I was watching a NASA video on Youtube last night where a UFO did a similar maneuver, (except in space of course), and in the comments a person said he saw something that seems very similar to yours… I wonder just what the purpose of them doing that is… to fly in quick, go slowly close to the ground just briefly and then take right off again… very strange! Even more so if it’s as common as I’m now starting to think. The possible military connection is fascinating, too, if it is in fact that… and it could well be, I have no doubt of that… makes you wonder just what is in store for us… kinda spooky…

    I am wondering, though, if maybe you’d like to add this sighting (and any others!) to the new database that’s just got off the ground (!) at The League of Western Fortean Intermediatists’ website, as they focus on and research the anomalies of the American West. Don’t worry, they’ll keep your personal info safe from prying eyes. Some of the best minds in the field of weird are involved and it’d go a long way to helping get a handle on these things… the more information we get, the more patterns we can see and all that good stuff!

    Thanks again Virgil, you’ve brought a smile to my lips and a new wonder to my mind.


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